Miami Marine Stadium

photo by: Rick Bravo

National Treasures

Miami Marine Stadium

  • Constructed: 1963
  • Architect: Hilario Candela
  • Location: Miami, FL

Miami Marine Stadium, which has been closed for 20 years, is a sentimental favorite of many Miami residents. Thousands once viewed power boat races here, attended Easter sunrise services, or experienced their first concert under the stadium’s signature cantilevered roof. On any given night, private boats would also surround the floating barge that served as the stadium’s stage. When the 326-foot-long, fold-plate roof was poured in 1963, it was the longest span of cantilevered concrete in the world.

The 6,566-seat arena is the only stadium in the United States built for the purpose of watching power boat races. It was designed by Hilario Candela, a Cuban-born architect who at age 27 conceived a stadium that is now viewed as a masterwork of civic architecture and modern construction.

Campaign Goals

  • Work with local partners and the City of Miami to restore Miami Marine Stadium as a flourishing entertainment venue.


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