National Park Service announces $500,000 in support of Mountain View Officers’ Club restoration

March 14, 2018 by Juvenio Guerra

Mountain View Officers’ Club at Fort Huachuca

photo by: Steven Meckler

This week, the U.S. Department of Interior and the National Park Service announced the recipients of the 2018 African American Civil Rights Grants Program. Among the grant awardees is the Mountain View Officers’ Club (MVOC), receiving a total of $500,000 to restore the building’s exterior and key elements of the Dance Hall inside to their 1942 appearance.

In partnership with the National Trust, Arizona State Parks and Trails applied for the grant last fall as part of a multifaceted effort to rehabilitate and reuse one of the most unique African American historic sites in the southwest. Following the good news, the Office of the Governor of Arizona shared the following statements:

Governor Doug Ducey: “This is the only site in Arizona to receive this grant funding. Being able to restore key elements of this state treasure is a vital part of preserving and protecting Arizona’s history.”

Stephanie K. Meeks, President and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation: “The National Trust envisions a country where everyone can see themselves, and their heritage, in our collective story and our cultural landscape. We applaud today’s funding announcement to further preserve important places of civil rights struggle, conscience and achievement, and we encourage more of this across our nation. This grant will contribute to the rehabilitation and reuse of the Mountain View Officers’ Club—answering the local need for a new multipurpose facility and keeping alive an important chapter of our military history for future generations.”

Kathryn Leonard, Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer: “This grant provides the much-needed seed funding that will serve as an important catalyst to the rehabilitation of this significant building.”

Sue Black, Arizona State Parks and Trails Executive Director: “Without this funding from the National Park Service, none of this would be possible. We will transform the vacant Mountain View Officers’ Club into a vibrant community events center. This reflects the success of public private partnerships for the preservation of Arizona’s heritage and further demonstrates the value of historic buildings as an economic driver in rural communities.”

Col. James W. Wright, Commander of U.S. Army Garrison at Fort Huachuca: "Fort Huachuca is committed to continued involvement in planning and carrying out the adaptive reuse of this historic building and feel the proposed project has potential to directly benefit the U.S. Army mission.”

As one of the last-remaining structures of its kind anywhere in the United States, the MVOC is central to understanding the complex history of the segregated African-American military experience and large-scale mobilization efforts as the U.S. engaged in World War II.

The current rehabilitation and reuse plan would transform the MVOC building and grounds into a first-class multipurpose facility within a distinctive historic setting that provides an array of options for the local Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista populations, including: a place for military and civilians to relax at the end of day; a comfortable local spot for families and friends to have dinner on a regular basis; an upscale area for daily business meetings or lunches; and a flexible venue for cultural events and performances.

Learn more about this latest news in Arizona Public Media.

If you’d like more information on development opportunities or would like to make a contribution towards the restoration of the Mountain View Officers’ Club, please contact Christina Morris at

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