HOPE Crew Brings Color Back to Painted Desert Community Complex

September 17, 2015 by Chris Morris

All the equipment is stored away, the scaffolding is down, and the tarps have been rolled up. Now the many months of hard work and planning can finally be seen and appreciated! The recent HOPE Crew project at the Painted Desert Community Complex brought together a group of crew members from the Arizona Conservation Corps with the National Park Service staff, craft expert David Charlesbois, and the analytical skills of Historic Resources Group, to revive the striking original colors of the Painted Desert Complex. Most visitors over the last 30 years have only known the Complex in its modified form, as a result of alteration made by the Park Service many years ago. But that drab tan and brown paint job is finally banished, replaced by sparkling white plaster surfaces accented with silver structural members and dark red spandrel panels. Richard Neutra and Robert Alexander would be proud to see their last remaining Park Service structures sporting the colors they intended!

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