Restoration of Union Station's Main Hall Is Celebrated

October 14, 2016 by Sarah Heffern

View of the gilded c offered ceiling in Union Station from the balcony behind the statues.

The newly-restored ceiling of Union Station's Main Hall.

A little over five years ago, when an earthquake shook the Mid-Atlantic, several of Washington, D.C.'s most recognizable buildings, including the Washington Monument, the Washington National Cathedral, and Union Station were damaged. Each of these places have spent the last several years undergoing extensive repairs, and last night, the work on Union Station's Main Hall was celebrated.

Thanks to a partnership that included Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, Ashkenazy Acquisitions Corp., American Express, and the National Trust, the Main Hall has been restored to a look very similar to what visitor would have seen more than a hundred years ago.

"Enter through the front doors of the cavernous, Beaux-Arts-style rail station, look around, then straight up, and the view of the immense 'General Waiting Room,' as it used to be called, is now much like it was in 1907, when renowned architect Daniel Burnham completed a masterwork befitting a city of monuments." Paul Duggan, The Washington Post

The centerpiece of the restoration is the ceiling,where more than 120,000 sheets of gold leafing were used to return it to its original glory. The effect is breathtaking.

For the next month, visitors to Union Station can view an an exhibit of historic photographs, as well as one that uses augmented reality and physical props to illustrate seminal moments in Union Station's history.

Read the full story via the Washington Post: Union Station’s Main Hall has been restored to its century-old splendor

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