Madam Walker on Success

February 26, 2015 by Jessica Pumphrey

As we near the end of February, and Black History month, we thought it fitting to share this inspiring piece by A’Lelia Bundles on Madam Walker’s keys to success.

For almost a year, the National Trust has been diligently working to protect and re-imagine new uses for Madam Walker’s estate, Villa Lewaro. Within that work we have come across people from all walks of life, with varied backgrounds and expertise who have been inspired by Madam Walker’s story. To think an African-American woman could beat the tremendous odds against her (segregation, women’s suffrage, etc.) and build a legacy that is still recognized today is unheard of. The more I learn from her the more I believe she had the foresight to know her name would be celebrated long after her time.

More than ever, African-American woman are taking leadership roles in business, philanthropy and other industries. With such progress happening today, it’s hard not to wonder what type of work ethic Madam Walker had when building her own empire. Read about what she considered to be her keys to success and share your own by using the #MadamCJWalker hashtag! We want to hear from you! - Madam C.J. Walker’s Secret’s to Success

Oh, and March is Women’s History Month. Check back to see how we draw connections between Madam Walker and other dynamic women of her time period.

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