• Media Comes to Villa Lewaro

    August 26, 2014

    On Friday, the National Trust hosted several influential writers and bloggers from the New York City area to tour historic Villa Lewaro. For many of our guests, Madam Walker’s story had always played a role in their lives. Her legacy helped shape some of their career choices and even their understanding of hard work and perseverance.

    It’s no secret that Madam Walker was a pioneer in business and beauty, but she also was committed to preservation. We were delighted to have the writers onsite to walk the halls of the mansion and discuss the intricate design work from her architect, Vertner Tandy. We also talked about potential new uses for the home which the National Trust will unveil in a report coming out this Fall.

  • Announcing Villa Lewaro as the newest National Treasure

    May 5, 2014

    I am honored to be the project manager for the Villa Lewaro National Treasure.

    This irreplaceable landmark holds exceptional architectural beauty and a transcendent story. At this place, every American is reminded of their unanticipated potential greatness. Thanks to the 20 years of careful stewardship by Ambassador and Mrs. Harold E. Doley, Jr., Madam C. J. Walker’s and Vertner Tandy’s remarkable lives once lived are made real.

    Please share your stories or feelings about Villa Lewaro, Madam C. J. Walker, and Vertner Tandy and continue to come by as we provide updates on the project.

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