White Grass Dude Ranch Gets New Life As Preservation Training Center

September 19, 2016 by Tim Mikulski

photo by: Mark Wertheimer

Deferred maintenance continues to be an issue for the National Park Service (NPS) as there is simply not enough federal funding to go around to maintain cultural assets in addition to other park expenses. That is one of the main reasons why White Grass Dude Ranch was named a National Treasure by the Trust a few years ago. In addition, we also had a HOPE Crew at the site last year to help make repairs in a cost-effective way.

And now, as Wyoming Public Radio reports, we are thrilled that all 13 cabins have been restored and the former ranch will now welcome professional preservationists who will train at the site as part of the NPS Western Center for Historic Preservation.

During a ribbon cutting ceremony for the project, National Trust Senior Vice President of Field Services Barb Pahl said:

"The first time I saw this place it looked quite different than the way it looks today. And White Grass along with many other historic structures in the park had suffered from years of deferred maintenance and was severely deteriorating and in fact, many of you remember, probably felt that it was too far gone to be brought back to this wonderful condition."

The National Trust is already a partner in a #FixOurParks social media campaign to encourage Congress to fund deferred maintenance projects in the National Park Service as we are deeply committed to preserving cultural assets throughout the NPS system. Follow along and use the hashtag to support our efforts with partners like The Pew Charitable Trusts and the National Parks Conservation Association.

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