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Preservation Green Lab

Realizing the potential of cities, communities, and neighborhoods.

Recycling, reusing, reducing waste – these are staples of living more sustainably. But why isn’t reusing buildings and blocks seen as ‘green’? In 2009 the National Trust created the Preservation Green Lab to connect historic preservation and building reuse to a growing interest in sustainability nation-wide. Since that time, the Green Lab has found connections between old buildings and the kind of vital neighborhoods and districts are found so appealing today. Now, we are using this research to advocate for preservation and reuse to be included in sustainability and resilience planning in cities across the country.

Latest Research: Untapped Potential

The product of a multi-year partnership with the Urban Land Institute, a new report offers best practices for policymakers, developers, and community advocates interested in using building reuse as a tool to create healthy, equitable, and resilient communities.

ReUrbanism: Atlas of ReUrbanism

Whether you’re an activist, journalist, developer, or resident, the Atlas of ReUrbanism contains detailed information about the businesses and residents, buildings and blocks that make cities work for everyone.

Deep Dive: Green Lab Research

The Preservation Green Lab’s research agenda aims to make older buildings and blocks the foundation for vital, thriving, inclusive cities. In addition to research, the team produces tools, policy recommendations, and contributes to a national conversation about sustainable development and resilient cities.

The Future of Cities: ReUrbanism

The Preservation Green Lab work contributes to a broader priority of the National Trust: ReUrbanism. Through this initiative, the National Trust is reimagining the future of America cities by promoting reuse as a key strategy for building smart, equitable, and sustainable places.

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