Statement | Washington, DC | March 11, 2019

National Trust for Historic Preservation Critiques New Consultant Report on Shared Facility for Mitchell Park Domes and Milwaukee Public Museum

Statement by Barbara Pahl, Senior Vice President, Field Services, National Trust for Historic Preservation

Today, a report commissioned by the Milwaukee Public Museum - Domes Task Force, recommended the demolition of the Mitchell Park Domes in favor of a newly constructed shared facility with the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The following is a statement from Barbara Pahl, senior vice president, field services at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, following the release of this report:

“Demolition of the Mitchell Park Domes, an iconic symbol of Milwaukee and a National Treasure, would result in an irreparable loss for the community.

“The public has overwhelmingly voiced their support for protecting these local landmarks from disinvestment, destruction, and demolition. With support from the County Board of Supervisors, the Domes Task Force is currently preparing detailed reports on two options – targeted investments and destination attraction – neither of which would include demolition of the Domes. This ongoing work is critical to making an informed decision on a preservation solution for the Domes.

“The National Trust and the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, founders of the Save Our Domes Coalition, firmly believe a future for the Domes based on preservation and rehabilitation would be the most cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable approach.”

The Mitchell Park Domes were included on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list in 2016 and designated as a National Treasure in 2017.


The Save Our Domes coalition works to promote the rehabilitation and reuse of all three Mitchell Park Domes, as a community resource, with programming and sustainable financial operations. The founding members of the Coalition are the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance & the National Trust for Historic Preservation, with support from the Cultural Landscape Foundation.


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