Statement | Washington, DC | September 27, 2023

National Trust Statement on Race-based Attacks in the United States including the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle

For decades, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has celebrated the stories of the many communities that comprise and unite our nation. It’s a core tenet of our mission to tell the full American story.

These narratives include those of many immigrant groups, including the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, whose achievements and contributions have left an indelible mark on the history, culture, and communities of the United States.

So, the National Trust is gravely concerned when it sees continued violent, race-based rhetoric and actions occurring across the country. A recent example saw a violent physical attack against one of the National Trust’s partners, the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle. This attack on one of America’s pre-eminent pan-Asian art and history museums created significant physical damage to the building, as well as terrifying visitors attending the museum.

The National Trust stands with the Wing Luke Museum in its call for cross cultural solidarity against hate, and we urge every American to join us in condemning this attack, along with all other race-based attacks, and to support efforts that unite, not divide, the nation.


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