Statement | April 28, 2022

Statement on Slate of Nominees for The Montpelier Foundation Board

The National Trust for Historic Preservation congratulates the Montpelier Descendants Committee for putting forth an esteemed slate of recommended nominees for The Montpelier Foundation’s Board of Directors. This list consists of notable leaders in academia, business, communications and philanthropy, all of whom have exceptional credentials for leadership and board service, and many of whom have dedicated their lives and careers to advancing the ideas that embody altruism, fairness, diversity, and inclusion for all.

If elected as members of the board of directors and seated to begin their service upon election, these leaders will achieve the important goal of structural parity at Montpelier. They will also advance a more effective and inclusive stewardship of the historic site, including the evolving interpretation of the complex history of this powerful place. This work will continue to advance the public’s understanding of the intellectual foundations of our constitutional democracy while at the same time honoring the lives and works of enslaved Americans and their descendants, thus creating room for all Americans who are shaped by the legacies of slavery and our nation’s Constitution.

We strongly encourage The Montpelier Foundation board of directors to elect the required nine candidates for securing structural parity at the board meeting on May 16, 2022, and to seat the new directors immediately upon election, and not further delay until the fall. The time is now to end this public crisis by seating and welcoming these new volunteers for service as directors immediately upon election, and without condition.


Read more about our stance on the conflict at Montpelier:


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