February 21, 2023

Love Old Houses? CIRCA's Real Estate Listings Will Deepen the Romance

  • By: Haley Somolinos

Pocket doors, wide-plank wood floors, classic columns, exposed brick, wavy glass, mansard roofs … these are just a few of our favorite things about old houses. As places of beauty and wonder, they make truly incredible homes.

Since 2020, the National Trust has partnered with CIRCA Old Houses to connect property sellers with interested buyers, and here are a few of their category listings that we love. Whether you’re in the market or just fantasizing, explore these historic houses that are looking for a new family to call them ‘home.’


photo by: Devon Banks

The Miller-Knick House retains several structures from its days as a working farm.

dining room

photo by: Devon Banks

The dining room’s fireplace at the Miller-Knick House is one of seven scattered throughout the historic farmhouse.

Historic Farmhouses

Daydreaming about wide-open spaces? Imagine sipping ice-cold lemonade and enjoying bird songs from a rocking chair on a large porch. Check out these listings for historic farmhouses that are on properties of five acres or more.

The Miller-Knick House in Lexington, Virginia, is one example of a historic farmhouse that has been fully restored.

Fisher Kahn House

photo by: Don Freeman

The large windows allow for plenty of fresh sunlight in this Louis Kahn-design house. Kahn knew exactly how to angle the building to achieve dramatic effects of light and shadow.

Homes by Famous Architects

Architects are masterminds when it comes to exquisite home design. Own a piece of history (and a work of art) when purchasing these listings built by a famous architect.

To hear what it’s like to steward a house designed by a renowned architect, read this piece about the Fisher-Kahn House in suburban Philadelphia.

Arts & Crafts Bungalows

There is something classic and timeless about bungalows. We “bungalove” everything about them from built-in furniture to the focus on natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick. The exposed beams make us weak in the knees. The focal point of a dominant fireplace in the living area makes this one of the coziest categories on our list.

1905 Queen Anne Bungalow before restoration.

photo by: Houzz

A neglected Queen Anne bungalow in Atlanta before it was restored.

Exterior of home from the north side. This shows the side gables and their size. While far from imposing, they offer a large upstairs space because of the original roof height. A soft green palette harmonizes with the parkside setting.

photo by: Josh Vick

This is the same Queen Anne Bungalow after a careful renovation.

Fixer Uppers

Some houses need a little love (coupled with blood, sweat, and tears). Do not let that stand in the way of your dreams. These houses deserve a second chance to radiate with life.

For inspiration, don’t miss this story about how a couple restored a historic Queen Anne bungalow in Atlanta, Georgia.

Outdoor dining room and seating area.

photo by: Dana Damewood

A Midcentury Modern home in Omaha, Nebraska.

Midcentury Modern

Functionality. Clean lines. Simplicity. These sweet nothings mean everything to fans of Midcentury Modern design. If indoor-outdoor living and floor-to-ceiling windows makes your heart flutter, do not miss these stunning listings.

For more mid-century mod fare, read about the thoughtful restoration efforts of this house in Omaha, Nebraska.

Chapman Millhouse Front

photo by: Elaine Fredrick

A millhouse that has been lovingly restored into a home.

Unique Finds

Make a statement. Your next house could be a converted lighthouse or a former mill. Imagine the rich history of a house that was once a train depot; how many different people walked through what is now your living room? It would make a great conversation starter for a dinner party hosted at your new home.

Thinking such a conversion is impossible? See how this Rhode Island couple transformed a millhouse into their dream house.

master bedroom

photo by: Buff Strickland

Tall windows flood the master bedroom with natural light in this Greek Revival farmhouse.

Greek Revival

If you’re a fan of symmetrical beauty with rows of statuesque columns, you’ll love these Greek Revival listings. The mathematically exact proportions of these houses convey a magnificent eternal grace. Venture through the porticos to see the light and airy interior spaces.

The details really make you fall in love with these houses. From wavy glass to vintage shiplap, learn which small elements of this Greek Revival farmhouse in Austin, Texas, make its homeowner's heart skip a beat.


Shutters, stone or brick chimneys, gambrel roofs, wide-plank hardwood floors. These American classics aren’t to be missed.

Learn about this labor of love that has restored an early Colonial house for modern-day living in Billerica, Massachusetts.

James Lee House Exterior

This 8,100-square-foot home in Memphis, Tennessee, has been renovated and converted into a luxurious bed-and-breakfast.

Bed & Breakfast

Escape the grind and start grinding coffee beans. Open that inn you’ve always dreamed about, and charm guests with delicious breakfast and comforting beds.

This Memphis couple is a testament to turning the daydream into a reality. Read about how they transformed an historic house into their bed-and-breakfast.

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