January 5, 2015

Elkhorn Ranch's Star Turn on CBS Sunday Morning

National Trust president Stephanie Meeks prepares to ride around Elkhorn Ranch with correspondent Mo Rocca in July 2014.

CBS Sunday Morning came to Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch! Last July, the show traveled to Medora, North Dakota, to shoot a segment on this beautiful natural spot, where Teddy Roosevelt hunted, ran cattle, and formulated his influential conservation ethic in the late 1800s. Watch the clip here.

The president’s great-grandson, Theodore "Ted" Roosevelt IV, shared family stories during a horseback ride through the ranch site with correspondent Mo Rocca, while National Trust President Stephanie Meeks spoke of the threats posed to the landscape by rampant oil and gas development.

Elkhorn Ranch was named to the National Trust’s 2012 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places, and it's also one of our National Treasures. As such, we've been working hard for over two years on securing the long-term protection of the historic landscape from incompatible development.

Please join us in calling for greater protection for Elkhorn Ranch by signing our petition to the governor of North Dakota, Mr. Jack Dalrymple.

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