February 28, 2017

Heart Bombs 2017: Creativity Equals Caring

  • By: Jared Foretek
Mount Vernon Avenue Commercial Building

photo by: Sarah Marsom

The Young Ohio Preservationists went all in for their heart bomb event at the Mount Vernon Avenue Commercial Building in Columbus, Ohio.

After we put out the call to heart-bomb places you love in your community, enthusiastic preservationists flooded Instagram, as well as our inboxes, with celebrations of historic places all across the country—some threatened, some safe, and some simply in need of love.

Over the next few days we’re showcasing our favorite examples, starting with a roundup of some of the creative, out-of-the-box heart bombs we saw this year.

The time and imagination put into showing love to historic places was truly inspiring, and will no doubt help the cause of preservation going forward. Check out some creative submissions below!

Cincy Heart Bombs too! #iheartsavingplaces #preservethenati #thisplacematters

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 Southern Pacific Depot in Livremore, California.

photo by: Susan Junk

"Our symbolic Southern Pacific Depot has stood on the same spot in the heart of Livermore, California, since 1892," Susan Junk wrote. "The Depot was saved from demolition in 1973, but is being threatened again from ten years of poor maintenance and the idea of moving the building for the sake of modern development."

Milliner's Supply Company Building in Dallas, Texas.

photo by: Tamie Viena Noponen

In Dallas, Texas, the 19th-century Milliner's Supply Company downtown is a favorite of Tamie Viena Noponen. "Interestingly, developmental sprawl does not do well over time," she wrote. "But this little building 'holds space' and 'memory' and protects the city and its people with its wisdom."

Commerce, Georgia

photo by: Katie Lynn Griffin

Katie Lynn Griffin, Rena Cantrell, and Frances Byrd had a simple message for three historic buildings in Commerce, Georgia. "Every time we drive by it my four year-old son says 'There's that old building,' and has a creative and different story to tell me about what's inside," Griffin wrote.

6 Madison St. in Rochester, New York

photo by: Caitlin Meives

The Landmark Society’s Young Urban Preservationists went to 6 Madison Street in Rochester, New York. "We love 6 Madison because, despite being empty and unloved for over 20 years, it’s still standing strong," she wrote.

Newburgh, New York

photo by: Diana Mangaser

The Newburgh Community Land Bank highlighted properties in the are that are being rehabilitated in Newburgh, New York. "Our team spent the morning walking & spread king the love around the city by 'heart-bombing' properties which we have sold that are on their way to revitalization!"

It's true! They drove 2000 miles to see #keyarena #heartbombsea #thisplacematters

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2017 #Heartbombs #iheartsavingplaces #reomaha #omaha #preservation

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Jared Foretek enjoys historic train stations, old bars, and interesting public spaces, he was an editorial intern at the National Trust.

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