June 16, 2021

Resource List: Learning About LGBTQ+ Spaces Through Mapping and Context Statements

During the PastForward Online 2020 diversity affinity session on the preservation of LGBTQ+ Historic Sites, attendees flooded the chat with links to resources related to the LGBTQ+ history in the United States. Pulled from that list, the resources below focus on a set of mapping projects and completed context statements for those looking to save historic sites related to LGBTQ+ history.

The material in this list was curated from a variety of places: general searches, from other preservation professionals, the chat during the affinity group meeting, and the great resource page provided by the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project. This is not an exhaustive set of materials; rather, it is meant to give preservationists a glimpse of some of the great work being done to identify and preserve LGBTQ+ historic places across the country.

A screen capture of a page about LGBTQ+ sites on Historypin.

photo by: Historypin

Screencapture of the HistoryPin mapping project LGBTQ America. Taken June 16, 2021.

While her day job is the associate director of content at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Priya spends other waking moments musing, writing, and learning about how the public engages and embraces history.

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