November 24, 2016

Lives Rooted in Places

People are Why Preservation Matters

People are absolutely fundamental to preservation, and we want you to know just how grateful we are to you for sharing our mission.

And YOU are connected to everything we do. Because of friends like you, the National Trust for Historic Preservation is saving history, saving heritage, and saving stories too...for ourselves, and for our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

We invite you to enjoy this new video. It’s called "Lives Rooted in Places."

It offers a reminder that our mission here at the National Trust is about more than places. It’s also about people like you. Often, what makes places matter to us are the memories we made there, or the milestones we achieved there, as a nation.

Our lives really are rooted in places. And when you support our mission you’re helping save many of those places, along with the history they made, the heritage they hold, and the stories they inspire. Together we will continue to hear, understand, and honor the full diversity of the ever­ evolving American story.

Este Lugar Me Importa: Your donation will send much needed supplies to help the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

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