May 20, 2024

National Trust Awards $148,995 in Grant Funding to Organizations Nationwide

The National Trust Preservation Fund, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s small-dollar grant program, has been providing catalytic funding to organizations across the country for over 50 years. In the February round, the National Trust received 44 eligible applications and awarded a total of $148,995 in grants to 28 organizations in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Read more about these projects below. Learn how you can apply to our upcoming June grant round here and sign up for email reminders about our grant programs.

Exterior of the Mary Todd Lincoln House with a historic marker.

photo by: Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation

The childhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln was one of Kentucky’s most neglected historic resources until it was restored in the 1970s, reopening as the first house museum dedicated to a first lady. The Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation received a National Preservation Fund grant to preserve the shutters on the house's front facade.​​

February 2024 National Trust Preservation Fund Grant Recipients

Preservation Sacramento | Sacramento, California
$5,000 to support a grassroots initiative in partnership with the Lavendar Library and the City of Sacramento Preservation Office to fund local scholars focused on LGBTQ+ history documentation, including a historic context and intensive survey of Sacramento’s Lavender Heights business and entertainment district.

1882 Project Foundation | Washington, DC
$5,000 to complete a feasibility study to evaluate the costs to rehabilitate a corner of Chinatown facing urban erasure.

Aspen Institute | Washington, DC
$5,000 to support an interactive workshop at the Future Leaders Climate Summit that explores the intersection of preservation and climate change through mitigation, resilience, and relocation.

James Harrod Trust | Harrodsburg, Kentucky
$1,250 to repair and clean the tombstones and plaques of Revolution War soldiers and families at Memorial Acre in Old Fort Harrod State Park.

The Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation | Lexington Kentucky
The Kentucky Mansions Preservation Foundation in Lexington, Kentucky will use $8,000 to preserve the shutters on the front facade of the Mary Todd Lincoln House as part of a multi-year project to repair every window of the historic site.

Lincoln County Fiscal Court | Stanford, Kentucky
$8,000 to support the restoration of the Old Presbyterian Meeting House that is in jeopardy due to extensive damage to the building and its content.

Friends of the Freedom House | New Orleans, Louisiana
$5,000 to archive and research historic items from the Freedom House, a major organizing hub and safehouse during the Civil Rights Era, for greater accessibility to the public.

Historic New England | Boston, Massachusetts
$5,000 to assess the condition of cracked masonry piers at the Eustis Estate Museum and Study Center.

The Randolph Women’s Club | Randolph, Massachusetts
$5,000 to hire a consultant to develop fundraising strategies to support efforts to restore and improve the accessibility of the Jonathan Belcher House.

The Dance Complex | Cambridge, Massachusetts

$5,000 to support a capital campaign consultant who will guide the “Botox For Bricks” fundraising efforts to repair the 140-year-old building’s exterior.

Waterfront Historic Area LeaguE | New Bedford, Massachusetts
$5,000 to support outreach and education on “Places that Matter,” a mapping tool that guides decisions for community growth and preservation.

Historic Annapolis | Annapolis, Maryland
$5,000 to support a landscape analysis and preservation treatment plan for the William Paca Garden in honor of the 50th anniversary of the garden’s restoration.

Northville Historical Society | Northville, Michigan
$5,000 in emergency funding for architectural and engineering services to prevent the demolition of the historic Mary Gilbert log cabin.

Albany Regional Museum | Albany, Oregon
$5,000 to support a structural engineering report for the historic S.E. Young Building as part of the Albany Regional Museum’s 2024 strategic planning effort.

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre Northwest | Portland, Oregon
$5,000 to support a walking tour performance of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin’s historic corridor in Portland, in honor of Lawrence and Anna Halprin’s legacies.

Charlestown Playhouse | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
$5,000 to repair the masonry walls of the 1869 Amity Schoolhouse operated by Charlestown Playhouse, a cooperative preschool and kindergarten.

Rock Ford Foundation | Lancaster, Pennsylvania
$2,745 to acquire historic preservation consulting for the future maintenance of the General Edward Hand Mansion, which was built circa 1794.

Austin History Center Association | Austin, Texas
$5,000 to create a technical report and preservation to chart how the Austin History Center Campus project can take advantage of federal and state historic tax credits.

City of San Marcos | San Marcos, Texas
$5,000 to develop an action-oriented, equitable, and inclusive community-wide Historic Preservation Plan for the City of San Marcos.

Dabney Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. | Snook, Texas
$5,000 to develop a historic structure report of the Dabney Hill Missionary Baptist Church, a rare vernacular structure built in 1910 by formerly enslaved African Americans and descendants.

Houston Freedmen’s Town Conservancy | Houston, Texas
$5,000 to hire a development consultant for support to expand the Conservancy’s reach, engage new audiences, and secure resources for ongoing preservation efforts in Freedmen’s Town’s Heritage District.

The Chinati Foundation | Marfa, Texas
$15,000 to produce schematic design documents for the historic renovation of artist Donald Judd’s former artillery sheds at Fort D.A. Russell.

Vision Historic Preservation Foundation | Rockdale, Texas
$5,000 to support educational programming that highlights the community’s history and brings art enrichment for a 12-day event of Rockdale’s Sesquicentennial.

Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in Historic Preservation | Seattle, Washington
$5,000 to support a workshop on “History in the Near Future: Identifying and Designating Southeast Asian American Heritage” as part of the Preservation Pathways workshop series in Minnesota.

Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society | Gig Harbor, Washington
$5,000 to support planning and outreach support to consult with local tribes on the redesign of the Harbor History Museum’s First Peoples gallery.

Vancouver National Historic Reserve Trust | Vancouver, Washington
$4,000 to support rehabilitation strategies for the expansion of new interpretive opportunities in the Providence Academy that can foster greater public understanding of the landmark and regional history it represents.

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation | Seattle, Washington
The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation will use $5,000 to support the design of an exhibit that explores the underrepresented history and maritime heritage of the Filipino community in Washington.

Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center | Wenatchee, Washington
$5,000 to support a building condition assessment and maintenance plan for the Historic Wells House, built in 1909 by W.T. Clark.

Black and white image of Filipino cannery workers enroute to Alaska, 1970s.

photo by: Wing Luke Museum

​ Few Filipino historic sites remain extant, however Filipino communities have had a deep relationship with Washington’s maritime places, industries, and ways of life. The grant provided to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation will support the design of a traveling physical exhibit and online exhibit in partnership with the Filipino American National Heritage Society.​

Catherine Killough is the manager of grants and awards at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.”

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