June 7, 2022

QUIZ: Which Historic Hotel Is Perfect for Your Next Vacation?

Hotels act as your base of operations while traveling, and as such they hold a considerable amount of power over your vacation. They’re the last place you see before falling asleep, and they’re the first place you see when you wake up. So, when choosing a home away from home, why not opt for one that’s bursting with history, stories, and intrigue? Historic Hotels of America recognizes over three hundred historic hotels in the United States, all of which maintain (and celebrate!) their historic authenticity and architectural integrity.

So, which hotel should you vacation at next? Answer the following questions to find out which place is perfect for you!

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Emma Peters is the Associate Manager to the Chief Marketing Officer at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A history graduate, she is constantly humbled by the way past lives and societies can alter the way we consume the present.

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