November 25, 2013

Painted DC Church Now Artistic Inside and Out

  • By: Emily Potter

Back in the spring, we presented a slideshow of how graffiti artist HENSE transformed a vacant historic church in Washington, D.C., into a work of art.

Today, the building is home to Blind Whino: SW Arts Club, a local nonprofit organization that promotes creativity and learning in an inspirational and artistic environment.

Inspirational and artistic it certainly is: In addition to the eye-catching and colorful exterior, the once-abandoned church has found new life and purpose within the neighborhood as an art center and events venue. Blind Whino Executive Director Shane Pomajambo says, “All the neighbors have come to thank us personally for transforming what was an abandoned space for over 20 years into a beautiful piece of art.”

Inside, Blind Whino hosts art workshops and classes, supper clubs, concerts, art exhibits, and more -- serving as not only a community arts club for the city, but also a pillar of creativity in our nation’s capital.

Below, check out photos from this unique example of reuse:

The former Friendship Baptist Church is unique for its eclectic use of Victorian and Romanesque architectural styles combined with Gothic Revival and Queen Anne elements.

Working on an interior mural.

A finished interior mural.

The community gathers during a Blind Whino event.

Blind Whino produced a full mural wrap, curated by Australian-based artist MEGGS, on the inside performance area.

Blind Whino Executive Director Shane Pomajambo handpicked HENSE and MEGGS to add their creative touch to the facility.

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