Tabitha Almquist - Chief of Staff

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For more than a decade, Tabitha Almquist has been a member of the executive leadership of the National Trust and aided its work of saving historic places. As chief of staff, she provides strategic direction to the Trust and coordinates across the organization to implement the president’s agenda. She manages the Trust’s long-term planning efforts, works with the chief executive officer and chair of the board to direct the work of the Board of Trustees, and oversees the Trust’s internal communications program.

Along with managing the shared objectives and goals of the executive team, Tabitha has led several Trust-wide programs and initiatives, many designed to address difficult and multifaceted issues. These include administering the Trust’s transition to its new headquarters at the historic Watergate, an architecture, design, and construction project. She guided a significant restructuring of the National Trust Advisors program, to ensure this critical and long-standing resource is aligned with the organization’s current priorities. And she is leading the organization’s ongoing cultural change efforts.

Tabitha grew up in a family of preservationists and restoration architects and considers herself a preservationist from birth. She first joined the National Trust in 2000 as a staff assistant to former President Richard Moe, serving later as a Special Assistant to the President, Executive Director of Communications, and, as of January 2004, Chief of Staff.

Prior to her time with the Trust, Tabitha worked at the lobbying and public relations firm Murray, Scheer, Montgomery, Tapia, & O’Donnell and served in the press office of Congressman Michael N. Castle of Delaware. She also assisted on several statewide and federal political campaigns. She holds a journalism degree from The George Washington University.

Tabitha Almquist

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