Plum Island, Wisconsin
Dennis-Martin in Ithaca, New York, original Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house

photo by: Historic Ithaca

Everyone has places that are important to them. Places they care about. Places that matter. The National Trust has used THIS PLACE MATTERS® to promote public awareness of the importance of maintaining, preserving, and recognizing the historic and cultural significance of locations and properties across the country. We began using THIS PLACE MATTERS® in 2008 to engage the broader preservation community, empower people to celebrate places meaningful to them, and draw awareness to threatened places.

General Guidance for Use of THIS PLACE MATTERS®:

  • Determine why THIS PLACE MATTERS®.
    • What is the significance of this place to you and to your community?
    • Why are you declaring THIS PLACE MATTERS®? What are you trying to achieve?
    • Is the place threatened, or are you celebrating it in some way (for example, a positive outcome such as a restoration)?
  • Be strategic using THIS PLACE MATTERS®.
    • Who is your audience? A property owner? A local elected official? People who might advocate for your cause?
    • Consider other audiences and other movements using similar language. As the phrase “Black Lives Matter” gained global prominence and support, other groups and individuals have employed similar phrases—often in solidarity, but sometimes antagonistically. How will your use of THIS PLACE MATTERS® be received by different audiences? What is the best way to tell your story?
    • Whatever your message is, be clear and specific to help build your campaign and get your point across.
    • Would an event such as a picnic, an Instameet, or a Tweetup at the site be possible or appropriate?
    • Can you go behind the scenes for a special tour?
  • Consider how both intended and unintended audiences will receive your use of THIS PLACE MATTERS® in traditional and social media.
    • The more thoughtful your approach, the greater the chance you will reach people who can help your cause.
    • A #ThisPlaceMatters social media campaign can engage your friends and supporters.
    • A press release may encourage local media coverage.
    • Emails to friends, family, and community groups can help draw support for your cause.
    • If you have a website, consider a dedicated page for the place you are celebrating or trying to save.
    • Printed flyers can be shared at local businesses and civic buildings.

Community Guidelines for using THIS PLACE MATTERS®

We intend THIS PLACE MATTERS® to be used in welcoming, inclusive, and respectful ways. Please extend that same respect and inclusivity to all. Keep it positive and friendly. Should differing viewpoints arise around your use of THIS PLACE MATTERS®, offer and accept open, constructive dialogue.

Unacceptable usage includes, but is not limited to, intimidating, harassing, discriminatory, insulting, derogatory, or demeaning conduct or speech; physical, written, verbal, or other abuse; and personal or political attacks.

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