This Place Matters

This Place Matters

Speak up for the places that are most important to you

Every single person in the country has places that are important to them. Places they care about. Places that matter. We want to see and celebrate the places that matter to you.

This Place Matters is a campaign that seeks to connect people across the country with the places that are most important to their history, and their future.

It's simple...

  • Download and print the sign (or display it on your phone or tablet).
  • or... Sign up below and we'll send you a sign!
  • Take photos with the sign at the places that matter most to you.
  • Share your photos online with the hashtag #ThisPlaceMatters.
  • Stay tuned to @SavingPlaces on Instagram and Twitter as we spotlight our favorites.

This Place Matters Washington DC

Throughout October we'll be popping up across the capital region. Find an event to join us at, and enter our photo contest to win exclusive behind the scenes tours.

This Place Matters San Francisco - Legacy Businesses

In support of Prop-J and the campaign for San Francisco's Legacy Businesses, the National Trust will be popping up in the Bay Area!

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