A group of young girls at Manzanar Relocation Center doing calesthenics, 1943.

photo by: Ansel Adams/Library of Congress/LC-DIG-ppprs-00419

Asian American & Pacific Islander History

Explore the diverse pasts that weave our multicultural nation together

Throughout much of American history, Asians and Pacific Islanders have left an indelible mark on the events and places that make up our common experience. We celebrate their contributions in the National Treasures we supportSeattle's Panama Hotel, Southern California's Historic Wintersburg, and Hawaii's Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, for exampleand in the rich stories we tell. Read on to discover more about Asian-American heritage throughout the United States.

Statement from the National Trust Condemning Race-Based Hatred, Violence, and Misinformation

America's Chinatowns

Pell Street in Chinatown, New York City

Many of America’s Chinatowns are disappearing. Join us in protecting them so their vibrant pasts can remain at the heart of their thriving and prosperous futures.

“Being Asian American means wearing many layers of identity. At first glance, a man of Asian ancestry. At first spoken word, an American. At deeper reflection, a person of color in America. At the core, a person who seeks peace and social justice.”

Eddie Wong, former executive director, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

We believe all Americans deserve to see their history in the places that surround us. As a nation, we have work to do to fill in the gaps of our cultural heritage.

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