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Disaster Recovery

Helping historic communities recover from climate- and weather-related disasters

A distinct set of challenges await communities and individual building owners responding to natural disasters, but those affected are not alone or without resources. In the past, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has worked with local communities and national organizations to address disaster relief and mitigation efforts in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, California, Puerto Rico, and beyond.

While we are taking long-term steps to address affected areas’ needs on the local, state, and federal levels—such as advocating for general disaster relief funding—there are a number of ways to help the places in your community in critical condition right now. The resources below can help building owners respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize property damage and ensure a safe return home.

Preservation Leadership Forum: Disaster Recovery Resources

Preservation Leadership Forum offers comprehensive information about how to prepare, respond, and recover from natural disasters.

Being prepared for a disaster can help mitigate extensive damage to your historic home or property and give you peace of mind. From fires to hurricanes to floods, this collection of stories provides you with the tools and resources you need to stay one step ahead of the unthinkable.

Access Additional Disaster Recovery Resources

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