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Disaster Recovery

Helping historic communities recover from climate- and weather-related disasters

A distinct set of challenges await communities and individual building owners responding to natural disasters, but those affected are not alone or without resources. In the wake of a disaster event, physical and institutional frameworks allow immediate, decisive, and coordinated action toward recovery. For cities, organizations, and homeowners preservation-integrated disaster plans are indispensable for the survival of these resources and the larger community. The resources below can help building owners plan ahead and respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize property damage and ensure a safe return home.

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Owners of Historic Properties

Hurricane season lasts from June 1-November 30. Take these items into account before and after a hurricane affects your history property.

Fire Safety and Historic Buildings

Learn how to collaborate with building code inspectors, contractors, engineers, and other professionals to successfully balance fire safety and preservation concerns.

Treatment of Flood-Damaged Older and Historic Buildings

Heavy rains and flooding from hurricanes and tropical storms often affect many older and historic buildings. Learn how you can minimize structural and cosmetic flood damage to your historic property.

Being prepared for a disaster can help mitigate extensive damage to your historic home or property and give you peace of mind. From fires to hurricanes to floods, this collection of stories provides you with the tools and resources you need to stay one step ahead of the unthinkable.