Waikiki Natatorium

photo by: Jon Radke

National Treasures

Our nation’s historic places reveal the richness of the American story

These beloved places range from one-room schoolhouses to inspiring monuments, from ancient sites to modern masterpieces—National Treasures that reflect our past while enriching our future. Today, thousands of these irreplaceable buildings, landscapes, and communities are endangered as never before.

That’s why the National Trust for Historic Preservation has launched an innovative campaign to save them.

With the support of thousands of local preservationists and preservation professionals from coast to coast, the Trust is identifying endangered National Treasures and taking action to save them.

Together, we’re raising needed funds, building coalitions to prevent demolition, fighting in the courts to save sites from deterioration, and making sure that the icons of the past remain with us in the future.

And you can help! The National Trust has been saving America's historic sites, landscapes and neighborhoods for more than 60 years. Working together, we can magnify our proven success in dramatic ways.

Together we can protect America’s heritage. Let’s get to work.

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New National Treasure!: Brown v. Board of Education

One of the most significant landmark cases in the history of the United States, the 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education compiled cases from five communities across the South, East, and Midwest to desegregate American schools. Though Brown v. Board is most often associated with Topeka, Kansas, this collection of historic places from communities in South Carolina, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and Virginia, and tell a more complete story of Brown v. Board and the ongoing struggle for educational equity.

National Treasures

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