Waikiki Natatorium

photo by: Jon Radke

National Treasures

Our nation’s historic places reveal the richness of the American story

These beloved places range from one-room schoolhouses to inspiring monuments, from ancient sites to modern masterpieces—National Treasures that reflect our past while enriching our future.

With the support of thousands of local preservationists and preservation professionals from coast to coast, the National Trust identified endangered National Treasures and took action to help save them. Together, we raised needed funds, built coalitions to prevent demolition, fought in the courts to save sites from deterioration, and made sure that the icons of the past remained with us in the future.

While the National Treasures campaign has formally ended, the National Trust continues to save America's historic sites, landscapes, and neighborhoods, as it has for decades. Working together, we can magnify our proven success in dramatic ways.

Together we can protect America’s heritage. Let’s get to work.

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National Treasures

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