National Trust Values in Action

The National Trust fosters a sense of community, commitment, and passion. As we grow and evolve, these values guide our actions so that we do our best work. We monitor progress against these ideals and celebrate personal and professional successes to ensure these values live within our organization.


Guiding Principle - We value, respect, and support the diverse views and contributions of our colleagues and partners. We are at our best when supporting diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

In action - We strive to use differences to fuel our creativity and positively impact our work, culture, practices, and relationships. We integrate the needs of every individual and ensure that the right conditions are in place for everyone to achieve their potential. We ask for, listen to, and consider diverse points of view in order to succeed as an organization.


Guiding Principle - We work well together to achieve common goals and present a united front. We look for opportunities to support each other and share information so that actions across the organization are consistent and complementary.

In Action - Staff reach out to other parts of the organization for input and to plan and coordinate their work even though it may take more time and effort. Departments are willing to modify individual gains for the benefit of the whole.


Guiding Principle - We are energized to work at a place that inspires creativity and considered risk-taking. Our ideas are fresh and cutting-edge, and we are open to new and better ways to do things. Given the results we need to achieve, we are innovative and creative in how we reach them.

In Action - We provide time and space during the work day to share ideas at every level of the organization, including innovative practices from the field. We stay abreast of recent trends and provide thought leadership in our field.


Guiding Principle - We exemplify the highest standards of professional conduct and communicate honestly and openly. We each take personal responsibility for achieving our mission and honoring our commitments so that the unified whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We presume good intentions and treat each other with respect.

In Action - We tell the truth and seek to amicably resolve misunderstandings. We learn from our mistakes and differences, and move on. We share information appropriately with partners and colleagues so that everyone can do their best work for the Trust.


Guiding Principle - We are a focused, efficient organization that produces high quality results and positively affects the communities where we work. We take the lead in measurably demonstrating the benefits of historic preservation. We seek win/win solutions.

In Action - We strategically invest our resources and attention to produce excellent results that make meaningful, measurable differences. We monitor our progress to ensure that we are doing the highest-gain work.

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