Bears Ears Still in Jeopardy

January 8, 2018 by National Trust for Historic Preservation

As you know, in late November, President Trump issued a proclamation that revoked national monument status for 85 percent of the land included in the original Bears Ears National Monument designation. This would remove protections for many well-known historic, scientific, and cultural areas that are deeply significant to Native American heritage and culture.

This egregious and unlawful act spurred us to join a broad coalition including Native American, conservation, and outdoor enthusiast groups in filing a lawsuit to stop the dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument.

While our legal challenge moves forward, we need to turn back another threat to this priceless landscape: A new bill that would nullify the original Bears Ears National Monument proclamation and codify into law President Trump’s much smaller monument boundaries.

If passed, the Shash Jáa National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument Act, introduced by Rep. John Curtis (R-UT), would protect just 15 percent of the original Bears Ears National Monument footprint. It would also undermine the Bears Ears Commission, which includes representatives from the five tribes who work alongside federal agencies to ensure appropriate management of historic and cultural resources in the area.

Join us today in urging your lawmakers to oppose this damaging bill that would remove protections from one of America’s most treasured cultural landscapes. A hearing for this bill is scheduled for January 9, 2018.

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