President Biden Restores Bears Ears National Monument

October 8, 2021

Great news! President Biden has issued a proclamation to restore Bears Ears National Monument in southeast Utah. The previous administration issued a proclamation reducing the size of Bears Ears National Monument.

With this action by President Biden, full protections are back in place for Bears Ears, an area rich with archaeological resources, prehistoric cliff dwellings, paleontological resources, and sites sacred to many Native American tribes. The National Trust, regional, and tribal partners have worked tirelessly to re-establish protection for Bears Ears and preserve the integrity of the Antiquities Act of 1906. President Biden’s executive action is a significant win for historic preservation and public lands.

Please join us in thanking President Biden for this historic announcement. We’re eager to continue the important work of saving places, together.

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

photo by: Tim Peterson

Bears Ears National Monument at sunset.

This May, our Preservation Month theme is “People Saving Places” to shine the spotlight on everyone doing the work of saving places—in big ways and small—and inspiring others to do the same!