Tell BLM that the national monument boundaries should be restored

March 19, 2018

Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

photo by: Bob Wick/BLM

Even though the National Trust’s legal challenge to the revocation of the Bears Ears National Monument is still pending in federal court, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is moving forward to develop a new resource management plan for the area and is asking for public input.

Join us in seizing this opportunity to tell BLM that the national monument boundaries should be restored to ensure the maximum protection of Bears Ears’ cultural resources.

Two public meetings will be held in Utah later this month. For those not able to attend, comments are due April 11, 2018.

Let’s send a strong message that Bears Ears is a place of extraordinary significance and beauty and should be managed to ensure it is protected from conflicting, harmful uses such as looting, mining, and oil and gas drilling.

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