Hinchliffe Stadium

photo by: Melissa Murphy

African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund

Hinchliffe Stadium

  • Constructed: 1933
  • Location: Paterson, New Jersey

Hinchliffe Stadium is one of the few remaining stadiums in the country associated with Negro League baseball. Built by the city from 1932-33 and owned by the Paterson Public Schools since 1963, it was closed in 1996 and fell victim to neglect and vandalism. In its heyday, the stadium hosted professional baseball and football games, high school athletic contests, auto racing, and rock concerts.

Built of cast concrete in the Art Deco style, Hinchliffe Stadium is where Paterson Eastside High School athlete Larry Doby was discovered by the Newark Eagles in 1942. He went on to break the color barrier in the American League. The New York Black Yankees called this stadium home for 12 seasons. If informed by a preservation plan, stabilization work on this stadium could provide lessons for the rehabilitation of similar historic structures.

Campaign Goals

  • Develop and implement a community-based plan of action for the stabilization of Hinchliffe Stadium


Stabilize Hinchliffe Stadium, beginning the work to return it to use as a fully-rehabilitated community asset.

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