Fort Wayne Barracks, Detroit, Michigan

photo by: NPS/NCPTT | Sarah Marie Jackson


Historic Fort Wayne

  • Constructed: 1842
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan

Construction on Fort Wayne in Southwest Detroit first began in 1842 to defend America's northern border against British-controlled Canada. A shot was never fired at Fort Wayne, but the site became important for the induction of United States troops in armed conflicts throughout history from the Civil War to Vietnam. The city of Detroit now owns the majority of the fort, which is open to the public and managed by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Historic Fort Wayne represents far more than a 19th-century artillery post, though. Visitors can explore the Fort's original 1848 limestone barracks building, 1845 star fort, restored commanding officers house, Spanish-American War guard house, Native American burial mound (c. 1000), and America’s first Tuskegee Airmen Museum, built in 1987.

HOPE Crew volunteers will learn basic preservation carpentry, masonry, painting, and window repair skills during Fort Wayne Community Day on September 10, 2017. Participants will engage with members of the community in Southwest Detroit and learn more about the significant impact this historic site has had on its city.

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