Joe Frazier's Gym

photo by: Pete Marovich

National Treasures

Joe Frazier’s Gym

  • Location: Philadelphia, PA

Inside this modest, three-story brick building, Joe Frazier – a gold medal winner at the 1964 Olympics and later Heavyweight Champion of the World – trained for his victorious bout against Muhammad Ali. Today, the converted warehouse where Smokin' Joe perfected his punch is home to a discount furniture store and two floors of vacant space. Despite growing interest in commemorating Frazier's life (he died in 2011), the gym is unprotected; it enjoys no formal historic designation at the local or national level.

Winning historic designation at the local level for the building Frazier owned and operated will demonstrate the power of communities to protect the places that tell their diverse stories. Similarly, inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places will promote the value of diversity within this roster of our country's most important historic resources.

Campaign Goals

  • Raise $10,000 to cover the administrative costs of nominating Joe Frazier Gym to both the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Develop a viable preservation plan for the property.
  • Identify a friendly buyer or developer to purchase the building.


To landmark the place where a sports legend trained.

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