Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

  • Constructed: c. 1850
  • Location: Johnson City, Texas

In the late 1860's, former president Lyndon B. Johnson's grandfather and great-uncle took their pioneering spirit to the great frontier, settling on a plot of land in what is now Johnson City, Texas. They established a cattle-driving headquarters, complete with barns, a cooler house, windmill, and log cabin. Today, the settlement structures are all contained within the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. However, the cornerstone piece of the settlement, the log cabin, was declared unstable and not accessible by visitors. That's when the Texas Conservation Corps (TxCC) and the Western Center for Historic Preservation (WCHP) took action. Under the supervision and instruction of staff from the WCHP, corpsmembers worked to rehabilitate the timer-framed cabin. Work included partial deck log joist replacement, foundation stabilization, and the realignment of the cabin walls to their original positions.

photo by: Texas Conservation Corps

Members from the Texas Conservation Corps at the Johnson Cabin

“Our partners from the Western Center for Historic Preservation were incredibly knowledgeable and great teachers. They showed us how to properly use the same tools and techniques as L.B.J.’s grandfather when he originally built the cabin.”

Nick, corpsmember

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