• Miami Marine Stadium Bond Reauthorization Deferred by Miami City Commission

    March 1, 2022

    Unfortunately, the Miami City Commission opted to defer the public bond reauthorizing the stadium’s restoration—a vote that was expected to take place on February 24, 2022.

    Moving forward, the City of Miami plans to conduct a feasibility study to justify the expenditure of public funds to bring the stadium back to life.

    Leading up to the date when we expected the vote, stadium advocates generated over 5,000 letters to both the commission and the mayor. The stadium also received national media coverage in an extensive story by the Washington Post.

    Once again in limbo, we encourage stadium supporters to continue contacting city officials and encouraging them to recommit to preserving this one-of-a-kind place. Stay tuned for updates and future action alerts, and thank you for your ongoing support.

  • Take Action to Preserve Miami Marine Stadium; Critical Funding has Expired

    February 15, 2022

    Since 2009 when the National Trust for Historic Preservation launched its campaign to save Miami Marine Stadium, thousands of supporters raised your hand by signing a petition or attending an event in support of reviving this one-of-a-kind structure.

    Today, we’re asking for your help once again.

    In 2016, the Miami City Commission authorized up to $45 million in revenue-bond financing to restore the stadium and improve the site. Since then, a world-class architecture firm has been hired, construction plans have been completed, and the process of selecting a contractor is at hand.

    Unfortunately, the authorization for those bonds has expired, and the Miami City Commission will vote on February 24 whether to re-up their financial commitment to bring the stadium back to life.

    Without this reauthorization, the stadium’s future will hang in the balance like never before. Public advocacy by supporters like you has been key at every turn of our campaign, and the stadium needs your voice now more than ever.

    Join thousands of fellow stadium supporters by sending letters urging city leadership to reapprove this critical funding.

  • Great News for Miami Marine Stadium!

    April 26, 2018

    You showed support for the restoration of Miami Marine Stadium when we needed it most, and today we have great news to share—the stadium has been added to the National Register of Historic Places!

    Maintained by the National Park Service, the National Register is the government's official list of places and objects deemed worthy of preservation for their extraordinary historic and cultural significance. Inclusion on the register is considered an honor, and there are tens of thousands of listings across the country, including beloved Miami-area landmarks like Coral Gables City Hall, the Fontainebleau Hotel, and the Venetian Causeway.

    This is another huge step forward for Miami Marine Stadium, and it speaks to what we've believed all along—this place is unlike any other place in the world, and should be recognized and celebrated as such.

    The National Trust would like to thank Dade Heritage Trust, the City of Miami, and the Division of Historical Resources of the Florida Department of State for championing the stadium’s nomination. We’d also like to extend a thank-you to you as a supporter of our work and as an advocate for this very special place.

    Together, we truly are saving places.

  • Major Bond Initiative to Fund Restoration of Miami Marine Stadium Passes

    November 17, 2016

    Miami Marine Stadium

    photo by: Diana Larrea

    We are thrilled to announce some very exciting news: today the Miami City Commission approved $45 million in special obligation bonds that will be dedicated to the restoration of Miami Marine Stadium, as well as other projects and improvements on its surrounding site.

    In a 3 to 0 vote, the commission supported bringing the stadium – shuttered since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 – back to life as a vibrant cultural and entertainment venue.

    In testimony provided to the commission, Stephanie Meeks, President of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, said:

    Chartered by Congress in 1949, the National Trust has over 65 years of experience preserving historic places across the United States. So we know firsthand that preservation is rarely straightforward; it is hard work that requires vision, patience, and creativity. We also know that it takes time.

    That is why we founded our flagship program, National Treasures – a portfolio of iconic buildings, landscapes, and communities across the country. All are integral to the story of America, and all face unique challenges that can be difficult to resolve. That is why for each National Treasure, we make a deep, long-term commitment to find a preservation solution that will stand the test of time.

    When we named Miami Marine Stadium a National Treasure in 2012, our goal was to ensure that future generations will be able to experience this remarkable place – one that captures the spirit of South Florida like no other structure. That is why we are so happy to see Resolution 12 on today’s agenda, as it represents the critical financial commitment needed to bring the stadium back to life as the focal point of Virginia Key.

    As you know, we recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Heineken USA to raise $110,000 in grassroots restoration funding from nearly 800 small-dollar local donors. Additionally, since last year’s Boat Show, we have collected over 4,000 petition signatures from stadium supporters who hope this unique structure will soon undergo the stunning reinvention we all envision.

    It is my belief that both of these endeavors indicate that public support for this project is not only strong, but growing.

    As you discuss how the City of Miami will usher the stadium into its next chapter, please know that the National Trust’s commitment remains unchanged. We fully support the resolution before you today and stand ready to work with you to make this restoration a reality.

    Please stay tuned for more exciting updates as this project progresses!

  • Heineken® Launches "Save Your Seat" Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Restoration of Miami Marine Stadium

    July 7, 2016

    Brewer Partners With National Trust for Historic Preservation, City of Miami, and Indiegogo to Support Renovation of One of America's Most Legendary Venues; Heineken Debuts Crowdfunding Campaign, Offering $20,000 in Matching Funds and "Save Your Seat" Incentive to Spark Widespread Support

    Miami Marine Stadium was once among America's most iconic destinations, hosting on-the-water performances from legendary acts like the Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys. The stadium has gone unused for years, and now, Heineken is launching a unique campaign to help restore this crucial piece of Miami culture for generations to come.

    Heineken, the beer that's enjoyed in the most cities around the world, is supporting the restoration of Miami Marine Stadium as part of its "Cities" campaign, which aims to make great urban areas even greater. Heineken -- in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the City of Miami, and Indiegogo -- is launching a crowdfunding campaign that will propel the stadium's restoration to its next phase.

    The Indiegogo campaign can be found at igg.me/at/marinestadium. To make the greatest impact, Heineken is investing marketing resources to promote the campaign and matching up to the first $20,000 that is contributed within the first two weeks. Heineken is also rewarding unique perks to contributors; in fact, Heineken's #SaveYourSeat program will award select donors with actual seats that are being removed from the stadium to make way for renovation.

    "For many years, Miamians have shown an incredible passion and strong desire to restore Miami Marine Stadium, and that's why it's a perfect fit for the Heineken Cities campaign," said Ralph Rijks, senior vice president of marketing, Heineken USA. "We're supporting amazing projects across the country in an effort to make great cities like Miami even greater. By creating a movement in South Florida and beyond, we hope to reenergize the effort to bring the stadium back to life and ready for future generations to enjoy."

    A massive concrete structure featuring more than 6,500 seats, Miami Marine Stadium was constructed in 1963 and is considered a monumental achievement in civic architecture and modern construction. Uniquely situated on the edge of Biscayne Bay, it hosted events ranging from high-speed boat races, to concerts featuring the biggest names in music. But since 1992, when Hurricane Andrew greatly affected Miami, the stadium has been abandoned, save for the graffiti artists who have transformed it into their canvas.

    "Miami Marine Stadium is one of South Florida's most distinctive landmarks, emblematic of Miami's rich culture, diverse history and strong relationship to the water," said Stephanie Meeks, president and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a longtime advocate for the stadium's restoration. "So we are delighted to partner with Heineken and Indiegogo on the 'Save Your Seat' campaign. This is a chance for everyone to get involved -- through donations large and small -- to contribute to the next phase of the stadium's future and to help save a place that matters."

    In addition to creating the Indiegogo campaign and providing $20,000 in matching funds, Heineken is planning on-the-water events, retail activations, and a concert that will help raise awareness of the Miami Marine Stadium project.

    Heineken's support of the stadium is part of its larger Cities campaign, which has also been seeking out innovative projects and ideas for improving other key U.S. cities. The company will soon create additional Indiegogo campaigns for selected projects, to be released later this year.


    HEINEKEN USA Inc., the nation's leading upscale beer importer, is a subsidiary of HEINEKEN NV, the world's most international brewer. Core brands imported into the U.S. are Heineken®, the world's most international premium beer brand, the Dos Equis franchise, the Tecate franchise and Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders. HEINEKEN USA also imports Amstel Light, Newcastle Brown Ale, Red Stripe, Sol, Indio, Carta Blanca and Bohemia brands. For the latest information on our company and brands, follow us on Twitter @HeinekenUSACorp, or visit HEINEKENUSA.com.

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