Colonnade memorial, Princeton Battlefield.

photo by: Jon Roemer

National Treasures

Princeton Battlefield

  • Location: Princeton, NJ

On these New Jersey fields, George Washington rallied his forces to defeat British troops, a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary War.A portion of the battle site, however, faces a significant threat –the construction of eight townhouses and seven detached residences for faculty of the Institute for Advanced Study.As proposed, the project would radically alter the integrity of a rare, intact battlefield.

Waged 235 years ago, the battle at Princeton transformed prospects for the American Revolution. Not only did Washington's success inspire countless soldiers to renew their commissions, it reinvigorated support for the sometimes desperate Colonial effort .The story of our country's fight for independence is incomplete without a fully preserved Princeton Battlefield.

Campaign Goals

  • Prevent the construction of housing on a never-developed portion of the Princeton Battlefield.
  • Permanently protect the battlefield from future development.


Protect one of the Revolutionary War’s most significant battlefields from development and destruction.

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