Mayor Stoney, Make Shockoe Bottom park a reality

November 8, 2017

Our call to make the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park a reality got a nice publicity boost recently with the publication of a letter to the editor from Rob Nieweg, our Shockoe Bottom National Treasure program manager. In it, Rob describes the important opportunity at hand to go beyond Mayor Stoney’s proposal to create a small traditional museum at the Devil’s Half-Acre/Lumpkin’s Jail site and embrace the community-generated proposal for a nine-acre Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park.

Below is an excerpt. Please see here for the entire piece.

“To realize the full potential of Shockoe Bottom, bear witness to the painful past, and embrace a more hopeful future, we strongly support this nine-acre memorial park proposal. In the midst of a national conversation about the ways our collective past is represented in our public spaces, Richmond can lead boldly and bravely on a national stage by making the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park concept a reality.”

Let’s not let Rob’s voice stand alone! We encourage all of our supporters to add their voices to our call for the creation of a Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park. We will keep you posted of strategic opportunities to do so!

Join us in protecting and restoring places where significant African American history happened.

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