The Preservation Budget: Select Preservation Priorities for FY 2025 Appropriations

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pleased to release “The Preservation Budget: Select Preservation Priorities for FY 2025 Appropriations.” This report is designed to assist congressional staff and our preservation partners in appreciating—and advocating for—key federal programs that protect our nation’s legacy of historic resources and benefit all Americans.

Preservationists have long advocated for the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF), including funding for state and tribal historic preservation officers (SHPOs and THPOs). These offices implement the nation’s key preservation programs on the ground, including evaluating the impacts of federal projects, reviewing historic tax credit projects, and other essential activities. In addition, the HPF also supports several competitive grant programs that preserve, document, and exhibit diverse histories. These programs address a wide variety of preservation needs across the country and fund various types of work.

The critical work of the HPF has expanded since its inception in 1976, and the authorized funding amount for the program should reflect the ways in which it has grown to preserve the histories of more communities in America. The National Trust, other preservation partners, and congressional champions are working to introduce legislation to ensure stability and proper funding for the HPF program.

This report also recommends funding for other key agencies and programs that protect our nation’s historic and cultural resources. Many of the initiatives and grant programs described in this report are led and administered by the National Park Service (NPS), whose efforts include the stewardship of thousands of historic buildings and cultural sites throughout the National Park System. With increased visitation and continued understaffing, we support robust investments for NPS operations to ensure staffing levels keep pace with conservation, preservation, maintenance, and management needs.

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