Preserve Route 66—Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks so much for your interest in the Preserve Route 66: Share Your Story campaign. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

How can I help spread the word about Preserve Route 66?

We appreciate your interest in getting the word out. Check out our resources below to help you spread the word in your community.

Share Your Route 66 Story Poster

Download and print this poster on 8.5" x 11" paper to display in your community (2.3MB PDF).

Digital Marketing Kit

This handy resource offers ready-to-use copy and graphics for your digital outreach. Includes the poster and GIF sticker instructions. (8MB ZIP file)

GIF Stickers for Instagram

Add some extra fun to your Instagram Stories using Preserve Route 66-themed GIPHY Stickers! (PDF)

What kinds of places and stories do you want for Preserve Route 66?

Our goal is to tell the full story of Route 66 through places that contribute to the unique history and identity of communities along Route 66. That can be a personal story about a well-known business or place, a tribute to a business along Route 66 that is operating today or one that is no longer operating. It does not need to be exactly on the current or former alignment of Route 66. If you think it has a connection to Route 66, so do we.

Is there a deadline for this Preserve Route 66 campaign?

We haven’t set a deadline yet, so you have plenty of time to submit places as you think of them.

How many places can I submit to Preserve Route 66?

Thanks to your contributions we're feeling so inspired by the incredible places and stories you've illuminated that we want to keep going. We invite you to keep submitting.

I'm not sure I have the rights to a photo. What are my options?

As stated in the program Terms and Conditions, you should only submit materials that you created or that are in the public domain. You should not submit a photo or content written by others unless you have explicit written permission from the copyright holder. Generally, materials created before 1928 are in the public domain; other materials may also be in the public domain, but you are responsible for substantiating whether it is in the public domain. Try searching the Library of Congress or Wikimedia Commons to see if any images of the place are publicly available.

Why do you need a name and email address for the Preserve Route 66 submission?

The name and email address fields are required to ensure we have contact information if there are questions about your submission. The street address field is optional. None of these fields will be displayed on our website.

How do I read the full text for a Preserve Route 66 entry that has been published?

Click on the picture of the entry that interests you, and the full picture and text should open up. Once the box is open, use your mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll.

I can't get the Preserve Route 66 submission form to work.

Please try resubmitting your entry directly on the campaign page. If you continue to have issues, please email and we'll do our best to help you.

What if the place I want to submit already has an entry for Preserve Route 66?

Places—and the people associated with them—have rich and complex histories, so we know one entry can't capture everything there is to learn about them. If you'd like to submit a place that has already been entered, we encourage you to think of a personal story or different angle to share that helps tell the full story of Route 66. We do reserve the right to use or not use the information at our sole discretion.

How do I recommend a place to include in this Preserve Route 66 project?

Feel free to submit your entry directly on the campaign page. The “Submit Your Entry" button will walk you through the short process. If you have difficulty using the submission form, email for help.

I have a long list of possible places for Preserve Route 66. Can you pick which ones you want?

We encourage you to select your favorite places and submit them directly. Right now, our staff capacity doesn't allow for upfront research or review.

I submitted a place for Preserve Route 66. When will it appear on the website?

We've had terrific response so far to the Preserve Route 66 campaign, and it has temporarily outstripped our staff capacity for quick review. Please check back later to see your entry.

Still have questions? Email for help.

The Mother Road turns 100 years old in 2026—share your Route 66 story to celebrate the Centennial. Together, we’ll tell the full American story of Route 66!

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