October 24, 2016

Peek Inside the Gibbes Museum


Workers restored the raised plaza entrance as it was depicted in the architect's original renderings.

In the Fall 2016 issue of Preservation magazine, we gave you the lowdown on the recent renovation of Charleston, South Carolina's Gibbes Museum of Art. But since we couldn’t fit all the images in our original story, we’re showing a few more shots of the painstaking work here.

Interior details

New lighting and HVAC systems were installed and while others were updated.


Original marble tile was exposed underneath linoleum from the 1930s.


The Greek meander-pattern glass dome was cleaned, restoring its original color and transparency.

Kids in studio room

Architects reopened original exterior windows that were enclosed following a 1970s addition that expanded the floorplan.


Original fixtures from 1905 in the second-floor hall were also restored.

Kids in studio room

First floor space was returned to its original use as studio art classrooms.

Katharine Keane is a former editorial assistant at Preservation Magazine. She enjoys getting lost in new cities, reading the plaques at museums, and discovering the next great restaurant.

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