A trail marker in Grand Canyon National Park

photo by: Grand Canyon National Park, Flickr

October 20, 2015

National Register Guide, Appendix C: Amending an Existing Nomination

As fantastic as it is, the National Register of Historic Places can get a little confusing -- even for a seasoned pro. But fear not, because we have teamed up with Jim Gabbert, a historian with the National Park Service, to create our National Register Guide.

Appendix B of our National Register of Historic Places Guide explained what happens when owners of a property oppose its nomination to the National Register. Our next episode continues the National Register Guide appendix, where we troubleshoot some of the finer points of the National Register.

Appendix C explores the ins and outs of amending an existing National Register listing.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Special thanks to the President Woodrow Wilson House for filming accommodations.

David Weible is a former content specialist at the National Trust, previously with Preservation and Outside magazines. His interest in historic preservation is inspired by the ‘20s-era architecture, streetcar neighborhoods, and bars of his hometown of Cleveland.

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