Hinchliffe Stadium

photo by: Duncan Kendall

Preservation Tips and Tools

Everything you need to start saving places

So you want to help an old or historic place in your community ... terrific! Preservation Tips & Tools offers a one-stop shop for people who love places but aren’t sure how to save them.

The great news is, you don’t have to go it alone. Many valuable resources, materials, and people are available to help. In our ongoing toolkit series, we walk you through the key elements of saving a place, from where to start to who to contact, and every step in between. So whether you own a historic home, run a local nonprofit, or are simply an active citizen, you’ll find something here to help you out.

Ready to take on the rewarding and exciting challenge of saving a place you care about? Browse the toolkits below to learn how you can make it happen. Don't see what you need? Email your questions and suggestions to editorial@savingplaces.org.

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