November 21, 2018

QUIZ: Which Frank Lloyd Wright Building Are You?

Frank Lloyd Wright's many contributions to modern architecture have made him one of the most prolific architects of all time—and one of our favorites at the National Trust.

We appreciate Wright's work so much that we made one of the houses he designed, Pope-Leighey House in Alexandria, Virginia, a National Treasure (as well as a National Trust Historic Site). However, his repertoire spans decades of accomplishments, a variety of unique architectural styles, and hundreds of private homes, famous landmarks, and everything in between.

One thing Wright's works all have in common? They each boast a pretty big personality.

If you've ever wondered which Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home or building best describes your personality, wonder no longer! This quiz is sure to dig deep into your psyche and pull out a connection you may be unaware you have with one of Wright's many architectural feats.

Carson Bear

Carson Bear was an Editorial Coordinator at the National Trust. She’s passionate about combining popular culture with historic places, and loves her 200-year-old childhood farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

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