February 1, 2019

The Green Book: Historic Travel Guide for Black America (Part II)

Watch part one of our video series to learn more about the Green Book.

Stretching across the United States, sites listed in the Green Book were more than places of refuge during the segregation era. They were places where African Americans had freedom of enjoyment.

Places like Smalls’ Paradise in New York, Murray’s Dude Ranch in California, and Rosedale Beach in Delaware—though culturally and historically significant—have been lost to time. To save the places that are left and remember those that are gone, we look to successful preservation examples like A.G. Gaston Hotel, a Green Book site and National Treasure of the National Trust.

When we recognize the importance of these places, we remember the legacy of black entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the racial discrimination that African Americans have experienced for centuries.

Shannon Lawrence is a video producer who has worked on stories and videos for the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund.


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