December 21, 2017

The Ultimate Gingerbread Architectural Style Guide

  • By: Michelle Eshelman, Preservation Maryland

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It’s time to turn on the twinkly lights and invite friends and family over to celebrate. This year, why not follow your sweet tooth, while showing off your favorite era of architectural history? We’ve assembled the ultimate collection of gingerbread architecture examples spanning major American architectural styles.

Baltimore, Maryland's Domino Sugar Factory in gingerbread.

photo by: Hyperspace Baltimore BCT Architects

Baltimore basics: Hyperspace, an office furniture showroom in Baltimore, hosted a gingerbread compitition last year that yielded a sweet representation of the Domino Sugar Factory by BCT Architects.

Classic Baltimore Brownstone in gingerbread.

photo by: Instructables

Baltimore basics: Instructables user kitchentablescraps, who has been through architecture and pastry school, offers up a step-by-step guide and template to create a Baltimore-style gingerbread brownstone.

The Bendel Store in gingerbread by Sweet Lisa's.

photo by: Thrillest

Urban factories and storefronts (1880-1930): Bendel Store in gingerbread by Sweet Lisa's.

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By: Michelle Eshelman, Preservation Maryland

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