May 9, 2024

Welcome to America's Chinatowns: The Artists

Take a Closer Look at Three Stories from the Google Arts & Culture Storytelling Hub

From their community gathering places and family-run businesses, to their homes and centers of inspiration, Chinatowns are an essential part of the American story. Today, across the United States there are people and organizations working to sustain these communities.

To draw attention to their history, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to launch a storytelling hub as part of its America’s Chinatowns initiative. “Welcome to America’s Chinatowns" was developed in collaboration with 14 organizations, and eight individual artists and creators. Together, they have created a portal of 70 stories that center and elevate the work of communities, grassroots advocates, and institutions supporting Chinatowns across the country.

Within this collection of stories are the voices of artists—individuals who used their chosen medium to not only build connection to Chinatowns, but also draw attention to the challenges these critical cultural spaces are facing. Hear from Sammy Yuen, Morris Lum, and Jeffrey Yoo Warren about how they use drawing, photography, and digital art to advocate and document Chinatowns.

Drawing America's Chinatowns (Sammy Yuen)

Tong Yan Gaai (Chinatown) (Morris Lum)

Saving Lost Enclaves (Jeffrey Yoo Warren)

Explore the full storytelling hub on Google Arts & Culture which highlights over 15 Chinatowns across the United States (and one in Canada).

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