Women's History Campaign

Where Women Made History

Every place has a woman's story to tell.

The history of women and women’s achievements are—quite literally—everywhere, and you cannot tell the history of the United States without those stories. In spite of this, only 4 percent of National Historic Landmarks are designated for women, and representation on the National Register is unknown because it is not something that is actively tracked.

The result is that women, girls, and people who identify as female do not see themselves reflected in the history they encounter at historic places. This is particularly true for women of color, Indigenous women, and women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, because their histories can be exceptionally—and often intentionally—difficult to find.

Through our Where Women Made History initiative, the National Trust seeks to inspire change in preservation practice, encourage gender equity, and increase the representation of these important stories across all aspects of our work.

Meet the women (and places) who inspired our Women’s History program design.

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