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    Route 66 is more than just a road; it's a tapestry of diverse cultures and histories. We want to showcase the people and places that make Route 66 special.

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    With your contributions, we'll ensure that all the stories of Route 66 are preserved for future generations. Help us gather stories in time for Route 66’s Centennial in 2026.

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    Share your story by uploading a photo and short description of a place along Route 66 that the world should know about.

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Share Your Historic Route 66 Story!

While Route 66 still captures the imagination of people around the world, its historic places—and their stories—continue to be lost every year. We believe that many of these stories along Route 66 remain untold and we need your help in amplifying them to the wider world!

We invite you—community members, travelers, historians, and enthusiasts—to share your stories and photos about Route 66. Whether it's a quirky roadside attraction, a treasured business, a piece of family history, or a personal memory, every contribution helps piece together a more complete picture of Route 66’s history. Together, we'll tell a more complete story of this iconic highway, ensuring that no story, no place, and no memory along Route 66 is left in the shadows.

Have a story about a place you'd like to share? Submit a photo and a short description below. Thanks for helping us tell the full American story!

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Send us a photograph and a short description of a place and its story along Route 66 by clicking "Submit Your Entry" and filling out the form. Where possible, please include the name of the place in the "Title" field.

You can submit a picture (historical or current) of the place itself or of the people associated with it. Be sure to upload a JPEG or PNG file (and read the guidelines and photo permissions and rights granted before you do).

We are reviewing all entries before they are posted on our site, so your entry will not be live immediately. Questions? Check out our FAQs for help.

“It winds from Chicago to LA, more than two thousand miles all the way. Get your kicks on Route 66.”

American songwriter Bobby Troup

The National Trust is working to preserve Historic Route 66.

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