Bandelier National Monument

  • Constructed: 1100 CE
  • Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bandelier National Monument is a 33,000 acre site in northern New Mexico which contains more than 3,000 sites, including the Tyuoni Pueblo structure, dating as far back as AD 1100. This rich cultural resource in the heart of the American southwest is one of the nation’s largest collections of pre-Hispanic archaeological sites.

In summer of 2015 a group of Tribal youth came to Bandelier, via the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps of New Mexico and HOPE Crew, to help protect and preserve a piece of their own cultural heritage – saving something from their ancestors to pass on to their own descendants.

This HOPE Crew project helped stabilize adobe ruins at Tyuonyi Pueblo through the mixing and application of new mortar. The project was supervised by preservation advisors from the National Park ServiceNational Park Service, which also provided funding for this project.

HOPE Crew at Bandalier National Monument

photo by: Minesh Bacrania

HOPE Crew members from Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (NM) at Tyuonyi Pueblo, Bandalier National Monument

“This means a lot to me, these are my ancestors’ homes, so I treat everything with respect.”

Vidal, corpsmember from Santa Clara Pueblo

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