Union Terminal's rotunda was the world's largest half dome when it was constructed in 1933

photo by: Cincinnati Museum Center/Robert Webber

11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Cincinnati’s Icons - Union Terminal

  • Constructed: 1933
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Although Union Terminal and Music Hall are among Cincinnati's most beloved and well-used public buildings, they are suffering from significant deterioration and water damage. On November 4, 2014, Union Terminal's future was secured thanks to Hamilton County voters' overwhelming support for Issue 8, which will levy a one-quarter of one percent sales tax over five years to generate $170 million in restoration funds for Union Terminal. Combined with historic tax credits, contributions from the State of Ohio, and philanthropic fundraising efforts, this will allow for the complete repair and restoration of Union Terminal.

Union Terminal is a National Historic Landmark with significant connections to major themes in American history, including transportation, art, architecture, and music.

Union Terminal, an iconic symbol of Cincinnati and one of the most significant Art Deco structures in the country, opened in 1933 with a capacity of 216 trains a day. The second largest half-dome in the world, the 180-foot-wide and 106-foot-tall rotunda features glass mosaic murals by Winold Reiss depicting the history of Cincinnati and the United States. As the Cincinnati Museum Center, the largest cultural institution in the city, Union Terminal houses the Cincinnati History Museum, Cincinnati History Library and Archives, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural History and Science, and the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater.

Cincinnati's Icons - Campaign Goals

  • Encourage Hamilton County residents to vote “yes” on Issue 8 to provide rehabilitation funding for Union Terminal.
  • Once funding for Union Terminal is secure, continue to support the Cultural Facilities Task Force's efforts to outline a restoration plan for Music Hall as well.


Union Terminal’s future has been secured thanks to passage of the Issue 8 ballot initiative. Music Hall is also moving forward with a full rehabilitation.

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