Denali National Park

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Partners in Preservation

Denali National Park

  • Location: Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

The historic superintendent’s office of Denali National Park, which was constructed using traditional hand tools in 1926, represents the Alaskan spirit of independence and demonstrates how early National Park Service (NPS) staff, working with few resources, made use of whatever materials were available.

The superintendent’s office—the oldest building in Denali’s Headquarters Historic District—is currently being used as housing and is not accessible to the public. This noble structure will serve as an example of the NPS philosophy of Rustic-style architecture during its height and will help visitors understand how Alaskans continue to thrive in a harsh environment.

A $79,000 grant awarded as part of Partners in Preservation: National Parks will restore and relocate the historic structure back to the heart of park headquarters for public access.

Partners in Preservation: Denali National Park

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