February 18, 2019

Photo Essay: As Seen From the Road

Wide-open vistas and small towns. Those are some of the popular imagery around Route 66. And there's definitely no shortage of either when you embark on a road trip down this iconic throughway. But there are also the random and quirky sites. A giant sky-blue whale created as an anniversary present. The leaning water tower of Groom, Texas. Free-range donkeys in Arizona. Put all preconceptions aside because Route 66 has a way of exceeding (and defying) expectations.

photo by: David Kafer

With a population of around 3,000, the sprawling community of Villa Ridge, Missouri, features a post office that has been operating since 1889, classic service stations, and dilapidated landmarks.

Zubin Hill is a Content Marketing Intern at the National Trust. She loves exploring how communities negotiate their built history and learning new languages.


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